Client stories

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Ben has his superannuation funds spread across a number of different providers. He is unsure whether his superannuation is properly working for his retirement and would like a review undertaken to determine the best way forward. Ben would also like to understand how much he may be able to live off in retirement so he can plan his expenses accordingly. He is also keen to understand whether he has enough funds to pay off his mortgage and purchase a new car.

Through a combination of in-depth financial analysis and a review of the available market options, PX Wealth educates Ben on what his retirement could look like as well as recommending a much more cost efficient and more suitably invested superannuation portfolio for him.


Laura has inherited a substantial sum of money from a close relative. Being financially independent herself, she would like to ensure that these funds are properly protected in a tax efficient manner for her children.

Laura approaches PX Wealth to assist. PX Wealth provides a strategy to Laura which allows tax efficient growth on Laura’s assets to be obtained over the medium term as well as minimising her family’s exposure to future taxation. The end result is that Laura‘s family saves a substantial amount of potential taxation.


Ricardo Is a shareholder in an international business. His tax residence changes every 2-3 years and he requires a wealth management set up that means he will not be disadvantaged every time he moves country. He also wishes to ensure that the shareholdings he owns are protected.

Ricardo approaches PX Wealth to assist. Through our international affiliated office and associated expertise, PX Wealth designs a strategy to improve the tax efficiency of Ricardo’s overall set up as well as increasing his overall wealth across borders.


Patrick has moved to live abroad and intends to retire abroad, however has all his assets based in the UK. He would like a cross-border wealth strategy designed to grow his assets tax efficiently and protect the tax status of his assets whilst allowing him to have these assets invested in his local currency. PX Wealth (together with our international affiliated office) designs a diversified multi -currency solution which is tax effective and creates long term wealth. The end result is that Patrick‘s assets are more appropriately hedged to his cost of living and his assets are properly set up and working for his retirement. PX Wealth then continues to review this strategy over time in line with changes to Patrick’s lifestyle and changes to legislation. This ensures that Patrick‘s retirement strategy remains on track.


Michael has moved to live abroad. There is a chance that he may return to live in his country of origin at some point in the future. He would like to ensure that his global assets are probably set up to work on his behalf.

Michael’s accountant contacts PX Wealth to work in partnership to create a global strategy for Michael. PX Wealth works with Michael’s accountant to ensure that his strategy includes input from his country of origin and destination country. The end result is that Michael ends up with a globally diversified asset base, enhancing his wealth creation whilst lowering risk.


Marie has accumulated significant pension assets in the UK and is aware that she is in breach of the lifetime allowance limit. She is unsure how to act bearing in mind she has a combination of defined benefit pension schemes is as well as a UK SIPP.

She contacts PX Wealth to help her create a strategy to optimise his retirement planning whilst helping to reduce the tax she would otherwise pay. Through a combination of financial modelling and analysis, PX Wealth determines the best possible outcome and provides a recommended strategy for Maree.

PX Wealth (together with our affiliate office) then implements this strategy for Marie and provides ongoing assistance over time to ensure that she remains on track to meet her financial goals in a tax efficient manner.