Partner with us

PX Wealth is pleased to partner up with financial and other professionals whether located locally or abroad

In many cases we are pleased to work this way if it means that the best possible result can be provided to a client. In each case we treat the existing client relationship as paramount throughout.

Through partnering up, a number of potential benefits arise including the following

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International wealth management

So that clients have access to a much wider investment choice, including multi-currency options and their assets are properly managed both at home and abroad.

Sharing of knowledge

To create the most appropriate wealth creation strategy for clients locally and across borders, working together allows local and international taxation and legislative impacts to be fully allowed for so that clients are not caught out.

UK final salary pension advice

With full permissions to provide advice on UK final salary and safeguarded pensions, we may be able to advise you clients in these areas where you may not have the permissions or expertise.

Add-on services for accountants and others

Providing complementary services for accountants and others who may not have a local/international financial advisory capability.

Where possible and where you are based abroad, we will be pleased to work with your local adviser/accountant to ensure that our ongoing advice considers both local and international tax impacts.

For further information and to discuss how we can best work together